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Top Notch Tips for Daily Fantasy Baseball Players

There is no question that the popularity of daily fantasy sports has skyrocketed. Over 40 U.S States have permitted the use of daily fantasy sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports has become a multibillion-dollar industry. There are daily fantasy games involving football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and MMA. More sites related to daily fantasy sports are popping up every month.

Yet, many will agree that one of the most communal games in daily fantasy sports is daily fantasy baseball. If you are a baseball fan that doesn’t mind look into statistics and analytics, then this game is right for you.

Daily Fantasy Baseball has a steep learning curve. Just like any other skill that one is looking to perfect, it requires skill, dedication and determination. Let’s take a look at some tips:

• If you are making cash lineups, it is very important to have a team that has similar characteristics in order to achieve optimal performance. After all, your aim is to beat half of your opponents when it comes to games such as double ups, head-to-head matchups and 50/50s.
• A good solid hitting lineup for cash games should have guys with a good on-base percentage and a great amount of power. They must have a good batting average while being able to get extra-base hits.
• Researchers should look for pitchers that could be described as “old reliable” in cash games. These pitchers should have a decent to high strikeout total and a solid ERA due to keeping runners off-base and not allowing homeruns.
• In daily fantasy sports, stacking players is a critical strategy that could be pivotal for one’s success. It is pivotal in daily fantasy baseball. Several stacking strategies can be employed.

A core stacking strategy is to take several hitters from the same team and put them in the same lineup. Let’s say that the New York Mets have had a high run total against the Washington Nationals for the regular season. A top strategy is to stack your team with hitters in consecutive batting order. I would either stack the four hitters in my lineup or stack the heart of the batting order (3-6)

Another unique stacking strategy is to take the ace of any pitching staff and to stack the rest of your lineup with 4 hitters from both teams from a potentially high scoring game. For instance, you can start Max Scherzer from the NY Mets and eight batters (4 from the Yankees, 4 from the Red Sox) from a Red/Sox Yankees game that’s anticipated to be high scoring.

In terms of finding a potentially high scoring game to implement this strategy, one can look at the Vegas Odds and takes a look at the top Over/Under’s for the slate of MLB for the day.

These are just a few strategies when playing daily fantasy baseball. Good luck and go win that money $$$!


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