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PricePicks Strategies

If you are a new player to PrizePicks, this is a must read before you place your first bet. Even if you are a regular player on PrizePicks, this article can give you a couple strategies to think about before you make your next bets.

Quick Intro:

My name is Ed Dickinson and I am a team member of Shark Hunters DFS.  We are a DFS team that helps our members build winning daily fantasy sports lineups, post our sports betting picks, and offer PrizePicks bets that we make.  This short ebook is going to talk about some strategies to help you win more money on PrizePicks, but more importantly help people from losing all their money.


What is PrizePicks?

It is a gambling site that is based on DFS projections where you make parlay bets.  Their site has bets for 2 to 4 player parlays.  Parlays are not easy to win, but with the right research, right betting strategies, and good bankroll management, it is possible to profit on their site.


If you’d like to check them out, they offer a 2-player bet that you can win $25.  They will also give you promo money on your deposit.  To receive the promo, use the following code when you sign up:




Their payouts:

They have two different types of plays: Flex Play and Power Play.  It is key to know the differences with these type of betting options.

Power Play                                                  Flex Play

2/2 pays out 2.5X                                       2/2 pays out 2X

1 / 2 pays out .5X

3/3 pays out 5.0X                                       3/3 pays out 2.25X

2/3 pays out 1.25X

4/4 pays out 10X                                        4/4 pays out 5X

3 / 4 pays out 1.5X


2-pick Max Entry $400                             2-pick Max Entry $500

3-pick Max Entry $200                             3-pick Max Entry: $500

4 pick Max Entry $100                              4 pick Max Entry $250


Betting Strategies:

2-Pick games, I recommend playing the flex side every time.  The difference between 2/2 win and the flex play is the amount you would get back on a 1 of 2 win.  If you lose 1 on the PowerPlay, you lose all your money.  But if you had bet the flex side, you’ll get half your money back.  That to me is worth playing the flex side always on a 2-pick game.  Let’s see the math:


Power Play                                      Flex Play

$5 – win $12.50                             $5 – win $10 (win back $2.5 if 1 pick loses)

$10 – win $25                                 $10 – win $20 (win back $5 if 1 pick loses)

$400 – win $1000                          $400 – win $800 (win back $200 if 1 pick loses)


As you can see, the flex play provides some insurance when you play 2-pick games.  Even if you lose 1, you won’t lose all your money.  The difference in winnings of power play and flex play when 2 of 2 hits is not large enough to play the power play side on the 2-picks.


3-Pick games, the power play side may be better to play than the flex play.  The power play side is more than two times that pay out for flex plays.  Thus, I think it is worth the gamble on 3-picks to try the power play sides. However, my favorite type of bet involves the 3-Pick game and both sides of the bets. I’ll talk further about my favorite bets and how I play a 4-pick game shortly that you’ll see why I go with the power play on the 3-pick games.


Power Play                                      Flex Play

$5 – win $25                                    $5 win $11.25 (win $6.25 if 1 pick loses)

$10 – win $50                                 $10 win $22.25 (win $12.50 if 1 pick loses)

$200 – win $1000                          $200 win $450 (win $250 if 1 pick loses)


As you can see by the pay outs of the Power Play side versus the Flex Play that it may be worth the gamble to go for 3 out of 3.  However, the pick-4 plays may be something to think about when making bets in sports.  Below are the Pick-4 example payouts:


Power Play                                      Flex Play

$5 to win $50                                  $5 to win $25 (win $7.50 if one pick loses)

$10 to win $100                             $10 to win $50 (win $15 if one pick loses)

$100 to win $1000                        $100 to win $500 (win $150 is one pick loses)


For the pick-4 side, I tend to play the flex side again.  The payouts are half of what the power play pays.  It is very hard to win 4 game parlays.  The odds are with the house with 4-pick parlays.  A way that I also like to play 4-pick parlays is to bet it more than once with the flex and power plays in separate picks.  Or another strategy I use is to Round Robin it for sports that allows the picks to be either over or under and doesn’t have a rule that you must have one of each in the bets.


For example, if you normally bet $100 on the 4-pick parlays, you would win $1000 on the power play.  Instead of placing one $100 bet, I will bet ten $10 bets.  Here’s how I would play them

  1. Bet Player 1 – Player 2 – $10 flex to win $20 (win back $5 if only 1 wins)
  2. Bet Player 1 – Player 3 – $10 flex to win $20 (win back $5 if only 1 wins)
  3. Bet Player 1 – Player 4 – $10 flex to win $20 (win back $5 if only 1 wins)
  4. Bet Player 2 – Player 3 -$10 flex to win $20 (win back $5 if only 1 wins)
  5. Bet Player 2 – Player 4 – $10 flex to win $20 (win back $5 if only 1 wins)
  6. Bet Player 3 – Player 4 $10 flex to win $20 (win back $5 if only 1 wins)
  7. Bet Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 3 – $10 power to win $50
  8. Bet Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 4 – $10 power to win $50
  9. Bet Player 2 – Player 3 – Player 4 – $10 power to win $50
  • Bet Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 3 – Player 4 – $10 flex to win $50 (win $15 if 1 pick loses)
  • With the 4-pick bet, I may play the power play instead of flex or maybe I make one extra bet to play both sides of the 4-pick. It would depend on if I’m up on the week or day.  But for the 2-picks, I always go with the flex.  If all 4 picks win with the flex side on 2s and 4 but power on 3s, you win $320.  This is a lot less than a straight power play pick-4, but you are hedging your losses and again, the house has big advantages on a 4-pick parlay.  Anyone who gambles a lot or plays DFS a lot will tell you that bankroll management is key.  With 4-picks, the round robin style bets can limit your losses.
  • If the sport is difficult to predict like nascar, I would also make the 3-pick bets on the flex side. It would lower my overall payouts, but protect me from losing everything if 2 of the 4 picks were to win.

If I lose one pick on the pick-$4 power where I bet the full $100, I lose $100.  However, if any picks win, the pay outs would be the following:


  • If player 4 loses, Bets 1, 2, 4 pay $20 each = $60; Bet 3, 5, 6 wins back $5 each = $15; Bet 7 wins $50 for a TOTAL of $125. So your $100 bet would win $125.
  • If player 3 and 4 lose, Bet 1 wins $20, Bets 2, 3, 4, 5 win back $5 each. For a total back of $40, better than losing the whole $100.
  • If you played a flex on the 3-picks, an additional $25 would be won back as bets 7 and 8 would get back $12.50 each. A full flex where 2 win would then bring in a loss of only $10!
  • If player 2, 3, 4 lose, Bet 1, 2, 3 win back $5 for a TOTAL of $15 / LOSS = $85
  • If player 1, 2, 3, 4 lose – TOTAL loss = $100
  • If any player loses on a pick-4 power play, all $100 is lost. So unless you are up or have an unlimited bankroll, I would recommend betting 4-pick bets with a round robin style bet rather than a straight 4-pick parlay.


My favorite bets on PrizePicks are the 3-Picks in a round robin style.  I end making 5 bets with this strategy.

  1. Bet Player 1 – Player 2 Flex
  2. Bet Player 1 – Player 3 Flex
  3. Bet Player 2 – Player 3 Flex
  4. Bet Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 3 Flex
  5. Bet Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 3 Power

I’m betting both sides of the 3-picks and the odds of hitting a 3 of 3 is better than the 4 of 4.  Yes, I’m giving up the bigger pay outs, but I’m also not losing everything in my bankroll.


Now, let’s talk about a few individual sports and how I like to bet them:




This is our favorite sport to bet on PrizePicks.  It is because at Shark Hunters DFS, we have one of the best MMA guys in the DFS industry.  Every week, he gives us a writeup of how he sees all the fights.  He studies film on the fighters and gives the team his picks for both PrizePicks and DFS.  We have a least one member who has won $1000 on multiple occasions with his plays.  Plus our Discord chat is full of many good MMA DFS players that are involved in weekly MMA chats and everyone contributes their takes on the different fights.

Scoring for MMA:

Action:                                   Points:

Significant Strikes               .5

Advance                                3

Takedown                            5

Reversal/Sweep                  5

Knockdown                         10

Fight Conclusion Bonuses:

1st Round Win                     90

2nd Round Win                    70

3rd Round Win                     45

4th Round Win                     40

5th Round Win                     40

Decision Win                       30

These are the exact same points as the scoring on DraftKings.  So whatever websites that you use for getting player projections and for building DraftKings lineups can be used for MMA picks on PrizePicks.  Our MMA guy wins quite often on DraftKings and FanDuel for MMA and he’s now helping our members win on PrizePicks.  Thus, MMA is my favorite sport to bet on for Prizepicks.  If you’d like to check us out, visit https://www.sharkhuntersdfs.com and we have a weekly trial option for only $5.  Sign up today and we’ll throw in a 2nd week for free!





Here’s a sport that I only play the flex side of the bets.  Prizepicks makes you put at least one Under and one Over in every bet.  For this reason, golf is even harder to win at.  Thus, why I play the flex side so I can limit my losses.  The scoring on Prizepicks is basically the opposite of what real golfers score.  They get positive points for birdies and better and negative for bogeys or worse.

Action:                                               Points:

Double Eagle or Better                 3

Eagle                                                  2

Birdie                                                 1

Par                                                      0

Bogey                                                -1

Double Bogey                                  -2

Triple Bogey                                     -3

Quadruple Bogey or worse         -4

With golf, I like to play the pick-2 most as to try and pick 4 golfers to go over and under is very difficult.  Golf is a sport that the House has the advantage and will win the majority of the time.  Bankroll Management is key when betting on golf and / or PrizePicks.  Bet Smart!



Here is another sport that I always play the flex side of the bets especially on Xfinity where the drivers are much worse than the Cup Series Drivers.  A crash at any time can kill the overs on any bet and if you play the power play, you’ve lost all your money.  There are no points given for laps led, fast laps, place differentials like FanDuel or Draft Kings have.  Points are only based on finishing position.

Action:                                   Points:

Finishing Position

  1. 1st Place 40 pts
  2. 2nd Place 39 pts
  3. 3rd Place 38 pts
  4. 4th Place 37 pts
  5. 5th Place 36 pts
  6. 6th Place 35 pts
  7. 7th Place 34 pts
  8. 8th Place 33 pts
  9. 9th Place 32 pts
  10. 10th Place 31 pts
  11. 11th Place 30 pts
  12. 12th Place 29 pts
  13. 13th Place 28 pts
  14. 14th Place 27 pts
  15. 15th Place 26 pts
  16. 16th Place 25 pts
  17. 17th Place 24 pts
  18. 18th Place 23 pts
  19. 19th Place 22 pts
  20. 20th Place 21 pts
  21. 21st Place 20 pts
  22. 22nd Place 19 pts
  23. 23rd Place 18 pts


And so on.  I’m stopping there as I can’t remember seeing a Nascar line listed lower than 18 pts.  They tend to list the top dozen or so drivers to place bets on.  Nascar is a sport where the House wins the majority of the time.  Hitting 4 of 4 drivers to hit over or unders is not easy.  I prefer using the unders on most of my bets, but there is no advantage to either side.  I’ve been tracking them for the past few races and many races come close to a 50/50 split.  They’ve been something like 5 overs to 7 unders, 6 to 6, etc…  The ratio to over and unders is not drastically in favor of either side.

If anyone knows of any website that is tracking stats for PrizePicks, please email us at support@sharkhuntersdfs.com and let us know the site so we can check it out.




I personally do not follow any of the esports games.  I do not play them on Draft Kings or FanDuel and thus I do not bet them.  However, our Shark Hunters DFS team has a couple of guys who help build Esports lineups for our members.  In our Discord Esports chatroom, our members are discussing Esports plays on a daily basis.  Many of our members play Esports regularly and a few members bet them on PrizePicks or even on MonkeyKnifeFight.  So, if you need help building winning Esports lineups, come check us out by visiting https://www.sharkhuntersdfs.com.  You can find us on all the social media platforms under Shark Hunters DFS and see many of our members’ winning screenshots.


How to Play PrizePicks from any state:

Are you currently in a state that does not allow you to play PrizePicks, but you want to play?  If so, Shark Hunters DFS can help you out!  We will make your picks for you.  Send us an email at support@sharkhuntersdfs.com and tell us you are looking to play PrizePicks.  We’ll send you one of our team member’s discord ids so you can message him.  Our team uses the Discord app to talk with our members and to post picks on a daily basis.  Then you can send us your payment via Paypal or Venmo and we’ll make your bets.  If you are a member of Shark Hunters DFS already, there will be no fee to place the bets.  Only a fee if you win more than $600 on a bet will be taken out as we’ll need to pay taxes on those winnings.  If you win less than $600, we’ll send back your winnings whenever you request them and just take out any Paypal fees on the return.  If you are not a member, then we will charge you 1% plus any Paypal fees to make the bets.  Then if you win more than $600, we would take out enough for the taxes plus a small %.  The exact % will vary from player to player.  If you are a $5 better, then the fee would be almost nothing.  If you are a max better on their site, then the fee would come from your winnings as one win would be more than the $600 so taxes would be owed.  There would be no fees if you just wanted to tip on your winnings instead.  If you have questions, please email us at support@sharkhuntersdfs.com


Would you place bets on MonkeyKnifeFight Too?

We can do the same thing for anyone on MonkeyKnifeFight.  The only thing wrong with MonkeyKnifeFight and their players to bet on is that the players that I have listed to bet on, may not be the same players that you have to bet on.  Email us if you are interested and we can work something out with their site too.  If you want to sign up for the 1st time on MonkeyKnifeFight and want a 100% bonus match on deposit, enter code SHARKHUNTERS or click the following link:




PrizePicks is a nice site that offers a different way to bet on sports and DFS players.  You won’t get rich playing it, but you shouldn’t lose everything if you use good bankroll management.  If you ever need help with PrizePicks plays or DFS lineups, come check out the Shark Hunters DFS team by visiting https://www.sharkhuntersdfs.com or hit us up on any social media platform.




To receive an additional $10 bonus via Paypal or Venmo, do the following:

  1. Sign up for PrizePicks using referral code: 0142159
  2. Make a Deposit and collect a 2-Pick bet to win $25 and receive promo money based on your deposit
  3. Email support@sharkhuntersdfs.com to let us know your name and email address that was used to sign up on PrizePicks. Once verified, we’ll send you $10 via Paypal.
  4. Use that money towards a deposit on PrizePicks or towards the week trial on SharkHuntersDFS or to pay half of a monthly membership.









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