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Here is an article describing the FanSided website written by someone who used to write for them a while back. It sounds like the material on FanSided is great, but writing for them is not ideal for many people.  Here is some of the highlights on his time with FanSided:



FanSided is a fandom-focused sport, lifestyle, and entertainment network of more than 300 websites. It became co-founded and released in 2009 by brothers Zach Best and Adam Best. FanSided is owned employing the use of Minute Media and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.



Today, the company is a thriving series of over three hundred corporations devoted to bringing together enthusiasts to share their commonplace passions. FanSided believes everybody is keen on something. That is why we’ve got collected the maximum passionate, knowledgeable, and devoted editorial voices to lead our sites.



As Sports Writers, we are responsible for writing engaging content and delivering news on sports. It is our responsibility to research for information and facts to be delivered to the audience looking for news and content related to sports. We also travel to games and sports events for news coverage and to collect essential information to write content. We make sure that the content we write is unique, concise, and engaging. By developing contacts and reliable sources, we gather news related to sports as soon as it breaks. After writing, we proofread and edit the content in case of any errors and conflicts in information.



Research and write content related to sports

Gather news and prepare it to deliver effectively to the audience

Attend sports events and games to collect essential information

Edit and check the content before its submission


To be honest, FanSided is awesome


Nice foot within the door for Sports Writing


Should allow Site Experts to be credentialed reporters and be allowed to be at games


I worked for a certain website in the FanSided community, but I won’t say which one, as a Site Expert. Everything at the start is a laugh and interesting but it gets taxing brief. The division leaders are very micro-management fashion, do not help you be yourself and develop. There’s little to no loyalty among the brand new division experts and the website online specialists. They drop like flies for little mistakes. Websites and contributors get too much hate from the out of doors world. We are forced to put out clickbait to hold our jobs.


Getting paid once a month became the worst part of it. It’s hard to attend an entire month to receive a commission for what you probably did 60 days earlier.


I can’t pressure how unfair web page experts are treated.

I would stay far away, it’s not worth it. There’s too much stress. If you join, do not expect to get too far. Only the kiss butts do. These low lives who don’t have a social existence trust they’re above everybody. NEWS FLASH, THEY AREN’T.



Experience, Getting Paid to Write


Division Leaders micro-coping with you, stressful surroundings



A lot of human beings do not just like the pay FanSided offers out for writers. I say the point of FanSided is not the pay it is getting your voice out there and beginning a profession and getting observed. They’ve completed an extremely good job supporting me the entire manner to accomplish that.


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FanSided Website

Here is an article describing the FanSided website written by someone who used to write for them a while back....
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