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A Few Strategies to Think About for Daily Fantasy Football Players

There is no question that the popularity of daily fantasy sports has skyrocketed.   Over 40 U.S States have permitted the use of daily fantasy sports.   Daily Fantasy Sports has become a multibillion-dollar industry.  Daily fantasy games involving football, basketball, baseball, hockey and MMA are extremely populate these days.

Yet, many will agree that the foundational game of daily fantasy sports is daily fantasy football.     Avid daily fantasy sports players who also love the NFL have gotten immersed in various strategies to put together the team that is destined for success.

As many DFS players know, one size does not fit all in this industry.  Fanduel, Draftkings, Yahoo have varying differences when it comes to scoring, roster limitations and salary cap.

There has been no shortage of strategies that have been employed over the years by daily fantasy football players.    We will go over some of them in this piece.

A good strategy for players that are looking for the best return on investment is a strategy called low risk contest selection.

It involves a dfs players picking single entry 50/50 games and head-to-head contests, also known as cash games.   If you are an experienced daily fantasy football player, you should scour the contest pool for inexperienced players looking to play.

Another interesting strategy is a strategy called low risk lineup construction.    With this strategy, daily fantasy players are looking for decent outcomes.  They are not swinging for the fences looking for the strategy to get to the top prize.     They are going after dependable and reliable players.

Daily fantasy players that utilize this strategy will go after players that have a high rate of ownership by other players.    They go after running backs who are most likely to touch the ball a lot.   They choose wide receivers and tight ends who are consistent targets.  A QB/WR stacking strategy is not a go-to for low-risk lineup construction.

The reverse of low-risk lineup construction is a strategy called high risk lineup construction.   With this strategy, the ultimate goal is to win 1st place in a daily fantasy football game.

Correlation is a very big factor in this strategy.  Therefore, game stacking is critical.   Game stacking involves picking multiple players from the same NFL game.    The most successful game stacking strategy is a 3X1 strategy.   This occurs when you have a fantasy team that has a quarterback, two pass catchers from the same NFL team and 1 pass catcher from the team’s opponent.

A solid way to find the best game stacks is to target players in games with the highest over/unders according to Vegas Odds.  These are just a few starting strategies for daily fantasy football.  Come back soon to see more dfs football articles.


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